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1. Models agree to undergo treatments to which they have consented
for. (See consent forms listed on the website in the online paper
work- Botox, Filler and PDO thread consents.)
2. Each model gives permission for any pictures and/ or videos to be
able to be used for marketing/ educational purposes.
3. Each model is entitled to 1 complimentary treatment appointment,
and 1 follow up appointment (that includes enhancements as
determined necessary by the injector).
4. Any additional treatments desired can be scheduled with our office at
regular costs. (see for Aesthetics
price lists)
5. Models are chosen for participation in educational courses and
workshops for aesthetics treatments and understand injector may
have limited experience in the particular treatment modality being
provided. The Injector and Renew Infusion & Wellness make no
guarantees regarding results from treatment course or workshops.

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